Harvard Business Review Love Work MARCUS Buckingham How to Help Your Student Discover Their Strengths What you can do as a parent, coach, or teacher to free your student from the sameness of school and find their unique way to thrive. Join Marcus Buckingham and Harvard Business Review on September 23rd at loam PT/ Ipm ET

Featuring Marcus Buckingham, head of people + performance research at the ADP Research Institute and author of Love + Work: How to Find What You Love, Love What You Do, and Do It for the Rest of Your Life  and Julie Devoll, Director of Marketing and Communications at Harvard Business Review Press.

About this event

We parents are conditioned to compare our kids’ behavior and performance to other kids. All the way through school and into college, the uniqueness of our child is hidden by these relentless comparisons. It’s not just that schools kill creativity. It’s worse - they are designed to submerge what is distinctive about your child beneath the tides of comparison and conformity. And once submerged, your child struggles not only to be creative, but to be themselves. Fully.

What can you do to help your child? You cannot change the entire education ecosystem, but you do have a job to do. You can take action to ensure that your child does not vanish, but rises. In this webinar, Marcus Buckingham and Julie Devoll with HBR share what the research reveals about the uniqueness of the child, the errors of the educational system, and what you can do to help the child find themselves once more.


Marcus Buckingham

NYT Best-Selling Author and Head of People + Performance, ADP Research Institute


Julie Devoll

Director of Marketing and Communications at Harvard Business Review Press