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Will the Pandemic Reshape Notions of Female Leadership?


Featuring Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, CEO of 20-first, one of the world’s leading gender consulting firms, author of Seven Steps to Leading a Gender-Balance Business, and coauthor of the HBR article, “Will the Pandemic Reshape Notions of Female Leadership?” 


Monday, October 19, 2020 | Noon - 1:00 PM US ET

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM US Central
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM US Mountain
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM US Pacific
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM GMT
Avivah Wittenberg-Cox
Julie Devoll
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During the COVID-19 pandemic, countries with women in leadership have suffered six times fewer confirmed deaths than countries led by men. Unsurprisingly, the media has swelled with stories about female leadership, citing the pragmatism, prowess, competence, and humanity of these leaders.

Is this just the media, highlighting a momentary trend to capture eyeballs? Or, could this be a defining moment where we replace our old, obsolete leadership archetypes with more pragmatic and meritocratic models?

On October 19, 2020, in a live, interactive HBR webinar, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox will lead a discussion about the future of female leadership. Wittenberg-Cox heads one of the world’s leading gender consulting firms and has written extensively about gender-balanced businesses. She recently wrote in HBR, “This moment, unlike any we’ve ever known, opens new options for the future.”

In this webinar, Wittenberg-Cox will highlight changes taking place right now such as:

  • A new overarching narrative of what a strong leader looks like
  • Prioritization of a new set of critical leadership qualities like honesty, modesty, and intelligence
  • Visible female leaders serving as powerful role models

If you have seen and admired female leaders during the pandemic and wondered about the longer-term impact in government and business, join Avivah Wittenberg-Cox and HBR on October 19 to hear how the pandemic could fundamentally reshape notions of female leadership.


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